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Busy West Texas professionals seeking an MBA program with “affordable tuition, friendly professors, and a broad curriculum” may find a home at the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech. Rawls’ MBA program offers evening courses to part-time and full-time students. In addition, Executive-style MBA programs offer the option of a convenient block scheduling system that students like (“We meet twice a year for six days straight, eight hours a day”) or a one-weekend-a-month calendar. Rawls has custom designed a number of combined degrees and Executive-style MBA programs to fit the needs of professionals of all stripes. A combined MD/MBA “is a unique opportunity providing the experience and preparation for a future in healthcare administration or private practice.” Dual business degrees are also available in architecture, foreign languages, law, personal financial planning, pharmacy, and environmental toxicology.

Students praise the Rawls MBA for “the flexibility it offers to working professionals” and for a “benefit/cost ratio much greater than similar programs” in the area. They are especially effusive about the administration, which “takes care of everything for the students. They register us for classes, feed us, and provide us with all of the materials and resources needed for our classes.” As one student puts it, “The administration is a joy to work with. If you have any questions about courses, registration, etc. they respond quickly to emails and have an open-door policy.” Likewise, students are “especially impressed by the willingness of the professors to accommodate students with full-time jobs and families. As a group, they have been very helpful in making sure that my workload is effective in the curriculum and works with my schedule.”

Tech, one student observes, is “not so large and accomplished that everyone has a sense of entitlement and arrogance, yet it’s not small and struggling to keep its head above water.” It is large enough to offer a broad selection of offerings, including STEM MBA, MBA for Working Professionals, and Dual MBA Programs. Instructors in these programs “are beyond knowledgeable in their fields and are also easy to access for questions about course work or the job market in their particular field. I have never met anyone within the program that was not willing to help the students succeed,” one student writes.

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Applicants: 39
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