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Located smack dab in the middle of the Silicon Valley, San Jose State University’s business programs benefit from the energy and innovation of their famous surroundings. “No place on earth is more entrepreneurial or technology-centric” than SJSU, where the MBA programs boast an “innovative syllabus,” a “global mindset,” and a top-notch faculty from the region’s prominent industries. For MBA candidates, SJSU offers several program options: the Early Career MBA program on the main SJSU campus which includes accelerated track, full-time, and part-time tracks (the accelerated program can be completed in just a year), and the MBA for Professionals, a “flexible program for working students,” offering year-round classes in the evenings and some weekends. With accommodating teachers and a flexible schedule, the MBA for Professionals “is an ideal program for anyone who wants an MBA, but needs to keep working full-time while getting it.” A current student attests, “When I needed to be out of town for work the week of a final, the professor was very willing to reschedule the test for me so it wouldn’t interfere with my business trip.”

Delivered by a team of “world-class teachers” and an “accommodating” administration, the “academic experience is positive, effective, and worthwhile” at San Jose State. Academically, the program balances “a good mix of lectures, case studies, and assignment[s].” On that note, you’ll get a blend of theory and practice in the classroom, as “professors are very knowledgeable and have experience in both academics and industry.” “Teachers here are experienced in Silicon Valley trends and do their best to incorporate them into class work.” Coursework is interactive, and “discussions in class are lively, [and] periodically include [the] latest news and trends.” Friendly as well as experienced, “professors are very easily approachable and always try to correlate classroom learning with real-world problems as closely as possible.”

“Value” is another important factor in many students’ decisions to attend SJSU. A state school, SJSU has a much lower price tag than other local programs, giving prospective MBA candidates an “affordable option at a respected school,” without leaving the Bay Area. Unfortunately, like many public schools, budget cuts have affected San Jose State and there has been “an increase in tuition” in response. Core classes are offered on a cyclical schedule to ensure all students meet their requirements. Despite limitations, “the administration has been wonderful and very responsive to all concerns,” and students say the program runs efficiently.

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