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“A reputable state university with an excellent business school,” Cal State Fullerton runs the largest accredited business school in the State of California. For current and future Southern California professionals, CSUF is a great way to get an edge in the business world, without breaking the bank. With a strong faculty and ties in the local business community, this school offers a “quality program at an affordable price.” Whether you choose to go to school full time or part time, the Flex MBA is entirely “customizable,” and “can be moderated in difficulty, depending on course choice and workload.” Taking two classes per semester, flex students can complete the program in fewer than three years. Taking four classes per semester, full-time students can complete the program in sixteen months.

For both full-time and part-time students, the Mihaylo MBA program consists of ten foundation courses, four electives, and a capstone course. Through electives, students can pursue an academic concentration in one of thirteen different fields; there is “great accounting faculty,” as well as a strong finance department at CSUF. In addition to academic programs, the school operates fifteen “Centers of Excellence,” like the Small Business Institute, where faculty and students conduct research and case studies within a real business environment. Across departments, “professors are all very knowledgeable in terms of both theory and real-world experience,” and many “use their lifetime experiences to spice up the class discussions.” While “most professors are outstanding and inspiring,” students admit that the overall quality of the teaching staff can be “inconsistent,” especially when it comes to tenured faculty.

Since many students are balancing work, school, and personal life, most CSUF professors are “sympathetic to the many demands facing graduate students, who have full-time jobs and families.” Overall, CSUF is a “warm environment, with professors who care about students” and an administration that is “supportive and helpful” to its ample student body. “Some admin mix-ups” in the past with regards to books and scheduling have been addressed by a new and expanded staff. All things considered, an MBA at Cal State Fullerton is an “excellent value.” Armed with both academic and practical experience, graduates leave the program “ready to work and lead in the workforce.”

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