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Armed with a “strong reputation” coupled with a “strong commitment to the Jesuit ideals of serving others,” it’s no surprise that students flock to attend Fairfield University’s MBA program. Students here greatly appreciate that the school “caters to people who work full time.” Moreover, Fairfield offers “small class sizes,” “an extensive alumni network,” and “great business contacts.” Although the school offers a “challenging curriculum,” some students feel that it is time for an overhaul or update. As one slightly chagrined student explains, “The University should take the time to conduct a thorough overview of its curriculum and concentrations. It could use some refreshing.”

Fortunately, students are ebullient when it comes to describing their professors. They are truly “dedicated and experienced professionals” who are “very knowledgeable, accessible and open-minded.” They “encourage students to think for themselves, even if that means challenging the professors in class.” Additionally, they are highly accessible. Another highly content student shares, “many of them will go out to lunch or coffee and explain concepts or help with networking.” Though the vast “majority of the school’s professors care a lot about the quality of their teaching” some students feel that there’s room for improvement. A second-year student clarifies, “Newer, younger professors with more current experience would be a welcome improvement to the program. I would like to have more women professors, as well.” However, she does conclude by stating, “Overall I am very happy with my academic experience at Fairfield University and have learned a lot.”

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Applicants: 57
Acceptance Rate: 63%
Average Undergrad GPA 3.41
Years Work Experience: 2
Average Age: 25



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