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Business students looking to catch a ride on the Asian economic boom would do well to consider The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), the “top MBA school in Asia” with a “strategic location at the heart of Asia.” “The focus of the program is on the region,” and the program is in “a perfect location to leverage Asia’s booming economy.” “Ever since my studies, I have had the ambition to prepare myself for a career in the Asian region,” one student says, explaining the decision to attend HKUST. HKUST employs a “very strong teaching facility in finance” and an “intense academic atmosphere.” “The MBA office has some major gaps to cover, but it is clearly trying to improve itself to better serve the MBA students.”

Academics at HKUST can be intense, and the “workload is a killer.” “We need 100+ hours a week” to complete homework, classes, group projects, discussion, and club activities, according to one student. Although students also note that “the school is very supportive.” The Administration “must be the friendliest and [most] helpful bunch of people I have ever met.”

Despite the problems students have with the MBA office, they are much happier with the professors. “Overall the school has brilliant teachers that are balanced between academia and business experience,” offering a “nice blend of practitioners from the East, business professionals from the West, and academics.” “I was initially worried about joining a business school based in Hong Kong because of perceived language barriers,” one student explains. “Thankfully, I never faced such a challenge because all the professors were educated from the top business schools in the United States, and as a result, their communication skills are exceptionally good.” Some of the “business leaders in Asia” who the school boasts as faculty include WalMart China’s former president, PepsiCo Asia’s former president, and the GM of Hutchinson Whampoa’s Investment and Head Legal Counsel.

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