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A multi-disciplinary major, African-American Studies will offer you an understanding of what it means to be African-American. You’ll learn how African-Americans have affected and been affected by American culture, and how those effects have been viewed by society throughout history. You’ll study the problems that African-Americans have encountered in the past, and the problems they face today—such as economic and political discrimination. You’ll study the roles of African-American women, the problems faced by African-American children and teenagers, and the issues of race in the media. You might encounter subjects such as the portrayal of African-Americans in the news, the problems and benefits of government programs like affirmative action, and the influence of African-Americans on pop culture.

Throughout your studies you’ll gain exposure to African art, language, music, politics, psychologies, and literature. You’ll begin to form ideas of how the relationship between identity and race has evolved. This major will give you the opportunity to become knowledgeable in many different fields, including political science, English, women’s studies, psychology, sociology, history, and many others. African-American Studies is a great major for anyone interested in the black experience.


  • African Civilization

  • African-American Film

  • African-American History

  • African-American Voices in U.S. Literature

  • African-American Youth Cultures

  • African-Americans and the Law

  • Caribbean Literature

  • Contemporary Black Drama

  • Introduction to African Politics

  • Philosophy in Contemporary African Literature

  • Politics & Society

  • Race and Art

  • The Politics of Gender and Race

  • Themes in African-American Literature


You’ll be best prepared for a major in African-American Studies by taking courses in English, history, philosophy, and religion. Foreign language, art, and music courses might be useful as well. The multi-disciplinary nature of the major makes a diverse background of knowledge your best preparation.