MBA programs instill crucial business fundamentals now required by corporate leaders and entrepreneurs in fields like finance, economics, marketing, and more. Not only do MBA students learn invaluable skills—their career prospects are often improved as well. Take a look at a few great reasons to pursue your MBA:

MBA career prospects

1. Competitive Compensation

MBA graduates earn twice as much as those with regular university degrees and considerably more than those with other master’s degrees. According to US News, the average salary for 2019 graduates of full-time MBA programs was around $106,000. For graduates entering the nonprofit sector, salaries averaged about $87,000 a year.

2. More Favorable Job Opportunities

According to a study by the Graduate Management Admission Council, as of 2019, MBA recruitment remains strong relative to historic trends. In a recent survey, Poets&Quants also reported that close to 90% of participating employers will hire MBA graduates this year, 13% more than in 2020.

3. A Qualification Worth the Investment

Close to 95% of MBA alumni consider their MBA cost to be a stellar investment—even those who graduated during the recession. Moreover, of the 21,000 MBA graduates surveyed, most said that they would enroll in business school again if given the opportunity.

4. Elite Membership to Corporate Networks

Becoming a business leader is easier if you have access to mentors, thought leaders, and experts in your chosen field. MBA programs introduce students to connections they might not otherwise have access to, as well as internship opportunities, supply and distribution networks, and sources of startup financing that can accelerate their careers post-graduation. Networking is crucial to success in business, and an MBA offers a competitive advantage. 

5. Versatile, Applicable Skills

Do you already have in-depth industry experience, but want to take your career further? Whether you've worked in hospitality, supply chain and logistics, healthcare, or another industry, the business skills you'll gain from an MBA program can consolidate your knowledge and secure you a powerful position as an industry leader or successful entrepreneur.

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